Pavel (*1998 in the Czech Republic) started to play the piano at the age of 3. Even though he studied the classical piano interpretation in Poděbrady (Czech Republic), the alternative genres of piano music like New Age Classical or Contemporary Classical seemed to impress him. The freedom of composition, the freedom of expression and how the audience could feel the energy of the music seemed like a dream of the pianist. That led him out of the classical training, focusing more on the contemporary musical styles and also encouraging him to begin studies at Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

Musical life

Pavel felt the inspiration of people like Enya, Mike Oldfield, but also Yiruma, Robin Spielberg, Jim Brickman or Jon Schmidt and inclined to find his own way to compose piano music. On his first album, Lost in the Wind, he tried to continue in the perfection of his composition skills, arranging 13 well-known pop songs, and offering the quartett of his own improvisations. The album became the first step of Pavel’s musical journey.

The four improvisations later became the main singles of the album, together with covers of Love Me Like You Do and River Flows In You. The album was originally produced and released by Pavel on his own, later becoming the agenda of NEOR Music Productions. Although some improvisations became featured on radio stations, the album itself didn’t get much attention. It was also due to Pavel’s intention not to promote the album, as it contained mere covers and improvisations.

After release of the debut album, Pavel started to compose melodies and harmonic sequences for the second upcoming album. The decision was made from now on to include primarily the original compositions, rather than improvisations or covers. In August 2017, Pavel announced the work on his second album is coming to its end and the album may get scheduled its release in the very near future. In October 2017 the album was musically done and the release may be planned to happen around February 2018.

Academic life

After nine years of Czech basic education programme and six years spent at grammar school of Kolín, Pavel felt the life has come to seem full of stereotypes and thus made a decision to graduate at the Czech private grammar school OPEN GATE, which offers its students internationally acclaimed IB Diploma Programme together with its own examinations.

After graduation Pavel decided to study Czech Technical University together with acclaimed Berklee College of Music, based in Boston.

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